BIBI’s Inappropriate Remarks at University Festival Spark Outrage

BIBI is facing criticism for what she said during a university festival performance. 

BIBI is being accused of not knowing the difference between being cool and being rude, as she made comments belittling the school while on stage.

On May 26th, BIBI’s comments at a university festival became a topic of controversy on YouTube and other social media platforms. The incident in question occurred at Namseoul University, where BIBI shouted, “Who hates school? Who thinks school is X?” to engage the audience. 


The video of this moment, edited and shared widely, had amassed 590,000 views as of that day, with most reactions being negative. Many criticized BIBI for using a vulgar term that disparages male genitalia, especially considering the inappropriate timing and setting.

The issue lies in the fact that this scene was irrelevant to the context of BIBI’s performance. The comment was made during a casual interaction between songs, not a moment that warranted such a harsh critique of the school. BIBI’s sudden shout of “Who hates school?” followed by “Who thinks school is X?” did not align with the atmosphere or the purpose of the event.

BIBI continued by saying, “If I act like a bad X, you should say ‘crazy X,'” encouraging the audience’s participation. This was intended to introduce her song “Vengeance.” 

The video spread widely on social media, causing a sharp decline in public opinion towards BIBI, who has recently been gaining keen attention and popularity with her song “Bam Yang Gang.” Although some defended her remarks as “freedom of expression,” the majority criticized them as crossing the line.

Netizens commented, “The school invited her to entertain students who pay thousands in tuition, only for her to disparage the school,” “It’s unacceptable to incite negativity at a school festival,” and “It wasn’t cool; it was just embarrassing. It’s a shameful level of behavior.”

This controversy is not the first for BIBI. Last year, at a festival, BIBI came down into the audience and kissed a female fan. At Korea University’s 2022 festival, she sat on a male student’s lap, placed his hand on her waist, and kissed a fan on the cheek as the music ended. In 2021, at a festival held in California, BIBI threw condoms at the audience and kissed a female fan, displaying shocking behavior.

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BIBI is an artist with a unique musical style and several hit songs. However, even individuality requires restraint if it makes many people uncomfortable. 

BIBI entered the Spanish Department at Busan University of Foreign Studies and once faced criticism for taking a long leave of absence. She never completed her school life properly, yet used vulgar language about a school. 

Source: daum

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