Why Are Audiences Demanding the Blacklisting of Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni for Attending Lisa’s ‘Crazy Horse’ Bar Performance?

Some Chinese artists are caught in the storm of criticism for attending BLACKPINK Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse

Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni face criticism from Chinese netizens for attending Lisa’s (BLACKPINK) Performance at Crazy Horse Nightclub

Many people compared the actions of these two artists to Yang Mi’s when she was in Paris. While Yang Mi was aware of her influence and represented Chinese image, Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni were criticized for their irresponsible attendance at the nude club. ‘As famous Chinese actors, they should set an example and guide the younger generation to build proper values and aesthetics,’ commented Chinese audiences.

angela baby zhang jia ni

According to viewers’ accounts, Lisa performed provocatively alongside nude dancers, with a stage where she wore only lingerie. The idol promoted her activities on her personal Instagram, which has more than 97 million followers.

This led to conflicting public opinions. In China, a strong wave of opposition emerged. The two famous artists received heavy criticism, with some even calling for a ban on their work due to their support for Lisa’s performance.

The Chinese Performing Arts Association emphasized that individuals in the entertainment industry should not organize, participate in, or promote illegal activities, such as those related to explicit content. Stripping performances at Crazy Horse contradict the standards publicly endorsed in Chinese culture and the showbiz market.

Additionally, the statements made by the head of Crazy Horse and Lisa’s fans about women’s rights during her nude performances heightened tensions.

Before this, the club’s director had expressed hopes that inviting Lisa to perform would attract a younger and more diverse clientele. “Crazy Horse has become a symbol of proud, free, and confident women. I think when Lisa decided to perform, she was expressing something similar,” he said.

Many viewers questioned those who have always advocated for art, women’s rights, and freedom when Lisa performed nude here. “If the performance at Crazy Horse is unpaid, would women participate? In Lisa’s fan base, there are economically disadvantaged girls who don’t know how to find their place in society. Can they find value in their own sexuality through their idol?” one comment read.

Another comment stated, “Why didn’t Lisa go fully nude like the other dancers? Because she knows how to think, knows her own worth, so it’s not easy for her to go completely nude. In a place that still objectifies women like this, don’t talk about pride, freedom, and women’s rights.”

“The founder of Crazy Horse opened the club not to express women’s freedom but to realize that their bodies can make him rich. What is displayed on stage is the commodification of women’s bodies,” a Chinese blog voiced out.

Many viewers expressed the viewpoint that Lisa’s actions were not illegal, but she would still have to take responsibility for her decisions.

Lisa’s performance and scandal at Crazy Horse have sparked widespread controversy and cannot ignore the influence of the star with a large fanbase worldwide. Sohu believes that Lisa’s activities and decisions can deeply impact her fans:

“This brings greater social responsibility. As a public figure, Lisa needs to carefully consider her actions and decisions while enjoying the stardom. Because this will affect her many underage fans. Every decision she makes has the potential to spark discussions on social media and impact her reputation.”

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