“Did you kill someone?” 2PM Jang Woo-young heard this from this member after borrowing 100 million won

2PM Woo-young conducted a proper “friendship test” by borrowing money from his team members.

The members of the popular idol group 2PM, which debuted in 2008, boast their extraordinary loyalty to the point where they can call each other family.

Despite their different agencies, they gathered together again last year and released a song called “We Must.”

In fact, fans were even more moved because this was possible only when they sacrificed little by little and made concessions to each other.

Then, will the 2PM members, who show off their close brother-like friendship, lend money to each other?

This time, 2PM member Woo-young drew attention by calling his team members as soon as he received a mission to borrow 100 million won from an acquaintance within 20 minutes.

This scene came out on KBS2’s “Hong Kim Coin,” which aired in the afternoon of Oct 2nd.

Woo-young, who was in the same team as Hong Jin-kyung, Cho Se-ho, and EXO Xiumin, had to challenge to borrow 100 million won within 20 minutes.

Woo-young called 2PM member Nichkhun and said, “I’m so sorry, but I really need some money right now. Will it be okay? Is about 50 million won okay?” he asked cautiously.

At Woo-young’s urgent voice, Nichkhun quickly agreed, saying, “To where?”

At the same time, Nichkhun said, “Are you okay?” He continued to worry for Woo-young, saying, “Is there a problem?”

When Nichkhun willingly offered to lend him 50 million won, Woo-young asked for another 20 million won.

Nichkhun, who thought it was an unusual situation, said in a serious voice, “70 million won in total? Are you okay? You’re not in trouble, are you? You didn’t kill anyone, did you?”  which drew laughter from the cast.

Nichkhun willingly gave 70 million won to Woo-young without aksing about the reason why. Many said, “I don’t think the friendship of 2PM members is acting.”

Meanwhile, supported by Woo-young’s 70 million won success, Xiumin also called Se-hun, another EXO member.

Sehun made everyone laugh by saying, “Are you drunk?” to Xiumin, who asked him to lend 30 million won.

Even before making the call, Cho Se-ho shouted, “I can easily borrow a few million,” and called Yoo Byung-jae.

However, when Cho Se-ho asked, “I’m in a hurry, can I borrow some money?” Yoo Byung-jae said, “I have about 120,000 won in my bank account. I can give you about 10,000 won out of them,” he said indirectly.

The members pressured Cho Se-ho, who failed to borrow money, to contact his close friend G-Dragon. However, Cho Se-ho drew laughter by showing a cautious appearance, saying, “We are getting distant.”

On this day, Hong Jin-kyung called Kim Young-chul and tried to borrow his money.

However, Kim Young-chul asked Hong when she could give it back to him and offered to lend her 1 million won that she wouldn’t have to pay back.

Source: insight

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