After Momoland and Brave Girls, another girl group arouse concerns over 7th anniversary

Momoland and Brave Girls recently disbanded, leading fans to worry about this girl group, whose contract expires this month. 

In the idol world, regardless of gender, the 7th anniversary of debut is an important time to decide whether a group will be maintained or disbanded. This is because the minimum contract period between an artist and an entertainment agency, based on the celebrity standard contract, is 7 years.

In 2023, Momoland and Brave Girls succumbed to this “7-year-curse”, disbanding after contract expiration. In addition, BLACKPINK’s fate is also being questioned, seeing that the girl group debuted 7 years ago. 


Similar to them is Starship Entertainment’s WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) – a girl group who celebrate their 7th anniversary this year, and whose contract is about to expire on February 25th. 

As a result, fans are paying keen interest to whether WJSN will renew their contract. They expressed their hopes on SNS platforms like Twitter and theqoo, and left comments such as, “I don’t need an early announcement, so I hope they will deliver good news”, and “I hope they will continue to be active”. 


However, compared to fans’ eager cries for contract renewal, some netizens show a somewhat pessimistic view. According to these netizens, there are 13 members in WJSN – a large number compared to currently active girl groups. In addition, each member has completely different areas of activity such as acting, musicals, overseas activities, and entertainment, making it hard for the group to extend their contracts. At the same time, it is not possible to pick a representative song of WJSN, so netizens cited this as one of the reasons why contract renewal seems unlikely. 

At the same time, it is known that media outlet wikitree has contacted Starship Entertainment regarding the status of WJSN’s contract renewal, but was unable to reach the agency. 

brave girls

On the other hand, Momoland officially disbanded on February 14th, when all members terminated their contracts with the agency. Meanwhile, on February 16th, Brave Girls, who was “resurrected” with new-found fame, also failed to overcome contract expiration and ended up disbanding. 

Source: wikitree 

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