Netizens Point Out Similarities Between NewJeans And ILLIT: Min Hee-jin vs Bang Si-hyuk, Who Will Win?

Many people believe the two groups are very similar.

While ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin strongly claimed that ILLIT copied NewJeans, articles and videos pointing out the similarities between the two groups are going viral online.

Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, NewJeans’ agency, said on April 22nd that she is trying to dismiss HYBE’s influence because ILLIT is copying New Jeans.

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ILLIT is a popular girl group that has swept music charts and TV music programs with its debut song “Magnetic.” However, accusations have been made online since its debut that its concept and choreography look similar to those of NewJeans.

Netizens point out that even the poses made by ILLIT’s members in some pictorials are severely similar to NewJeans’. In response, NewJeans’ fans are expressing sympathy with CEO Min Hee-jin’s claim by posting a series of photos and videos proving ILLIT imitated the choreography, outfits, or pictorial pose that NewJeans did earlier.

bang si hyuk min hee jin

Of course, whether this can be a legal issue is a separate matter. Indeed, NewJeans belongs to ADOR, where HYBE owns 80% of the shares, so there are many factors that are ambiguous to hold them legally responsible. Therefore, CEO Min also used the expression “cultural achievements are being violated.”

Then, while HYBE is accusing her of alleged “attempt to take over ADOR’s management rights,” will CEO Min be able to win the race of persuading the public’s opinion? Fans are raising concerns that the sharp confrontation between the two sides will be a negative factor in NewJeans’ comeback in May.

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