Seo Kyoung Duk criticized Gucci’s after party “It was ‘cheap'”

Professor Seo Kyoung Duk of Sungshin Women’s University opened up about the luxury brand party that became controversial recently.

On May 18th, Seo Kyoung Duk said, “There has been a big controversy over the police being dispatched to a fashion show after party held by luxury brand Gucci in the middle of Seoul. After holding the ‘2024 Cruise Fashion Show’ at Geunjeongjeon Hall, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gucci held an after party at a nearby building. The party, which celebrated the success of the fashion show, caused inconvenience to nearby residents by playing loud music and shooting laser lights in all directions.”


Seo Kyoung Duk continued, “As a result, 52 reports were received and 9 patrol cars were dispatched. The police asked them to sort out the situation, but they continued the party and eventually received notice for noise-related misdemeanors. Another problem was that illegally parked vehicles were filling the streets, so the police dispersed them.”

Seo Kyoung Duk went on to say, “Regarding this, Gucci only issued a short apology saying, ‘We deeply apologize for the inconvenience that residents felt, such as the noise caused by the after party held after the fashion show on May 16th.’ The fashion show was truly ‘luxury’, but the after party was ‘cheap’.”

Seo Kyoung Duk

He added, “And there seems to be no sincerity in the apology. In other words, it is due to the lack of ‘global manners’. Anyway, I hope that Gucci has a basic ‘personality’ before making fancy ‘luxury items’.”

Meanwhile, Gucci held an after party at a nearby building after holding the “2024 Cruise Fashion Show” at Geunjeongjeon Hall, Gyeongbokgung Palace on May 16th. However, the noise continued until late at night, resulting in a rain of reports from residents.

Source: Nate

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