Fans send kudos to actress Go Min Si for her passion to keep the memories of the Gwangju Democratization Movement alive 

Actress Go Min Si has been celebrating the Gwangju Democratization Movement periodically. 

On May 18th at midnight (KST), actress Go Min Si posted a photo on SNS. The photo was of the flag of the Republic of Korea. 

A netizen saw the post and shared the post on their Twitter account along with a long article, saying, “I think the person named Go Min si itself is really cool”.

ko min si

I think it’s not easy to donate to the May 18 Foundation, take charge of documentary narration for the May 18 Democratization Movement, and mention it every May 18th,” said the netizen. “In fact, everyone thinks it’s hard to do it, but it’s almost impossible for someone in the entertainment industry”. 

go min si

Other netizens also responded positively, saying, “It’s really cool”, “It’s cool that not only normal people but actors are also attached to their works and characters and seriously”. A netizen also shared they came to a cafe to celebrate the second anniversary of “Youth of May” drama series. Many expressed their wish to watch this drama after the actress’ post. 

go min si

In “Youth of May”, Go Min Si plays nurse Kim Myung Hee. The drama sets in Gwangju in May 1980 during the Gwangju Uprising. Following her participation in the work, the actress has been paying keen attention to the historical event. 

go min si

In June 2021, after the drama ended, actress Go donated KRW 10 million to the May 18 Foundation. During her acceptance speech for the “Excellence Award” for an actress in a mini-series at the 2021 “KBS Drama Awards”, she said, “I want to deliver this award to everyone who shone in May 1980”. 

She also participated as a narrator for the special documentary prepared by Gwangju MBC on the 42nd anniversary of the Democratization Movement.

In an interview with the “Hello Gwangju” on YouTube, Go Min Si expressed her gratitude for being able to appear in the drama and got to contribute a small part to the commemoration of the Movement. 

go min si

In addition, she said, “May 18, 1980, I hope the history of that day will be remembered for a long time. So I hope it will be a comfort to many people”. 

Born in 1995, Go Min Si first made her acting debut through the SBS drama “My Sassy Girl” in 2017. She later made appearances in the movie “The Witch: Part 1” and a variety of works such as “Hello, My Twenties! 2”, “Set Play”, “Sweet Home”, “Jirisan”, and “Decision to Leave”. 

She is set to return to the small screen with te new seasons for Netflix’s “Sweet Home” and to the big screen with “Smugglers”. 

Source: Wikitree 

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