“Killing Romance” starring Honey Lee, Lee Sun Kyun, and Gong Myung now watchable on TV (May 18)

The comedy thriller movie “Killing Romance” (Directed by Lee Won Seok) will begin its IPTV and VOD service.

According to distributor Lotte Entertainment on May 18th, the movie “Killing Romance”, which features Honey Lee (also known as Lee Ha Nee), Lee Sun Kyun, and Gong Myung, will start its IPTV and VOD service on the same day.


“Killing Romance” revolves around a top star, Yeo Rae (played by Honey Lee), who falls in love fatefully with the conglomerate Jonathan (played by Lee Sun Kyun) of an island nation and suddenly declares retirement. However, after she got married with Jonathan, she got fed up with her husband and met Bum Woo (played by Gong Myung), a 3-time test taker, eventually plotting an extraordinary comeback. 

With the VOD and IPTV service, the unique fun that “Killing Romance” delivers can be experienced through various online and mobile platforms, including IPTV and digital cable TV. It is expected to bring fresh enjoyment to home theaters while conveying pleasant energy to audiences who have not yet seen the movie or those who wish to watch it multiple times.

Source: Daum 

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