Nam Tae Hyun’s Girlfriend Turned Drug Offender Seo Min Jae’s Past is as Attention-Grabbing as Her Beauty 

“Heart Signal 3” participant Seo Min Jae, who is currently under investigation for alleged drug use, is gaining attention for her past.

On May 17th, the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul reportedly applied for an arrest warrant for Seo Min Jae and Nam Tae Hyun. According to MBN, the two have tested positive for methamphetamines.

The pre-arrest examination of the suspects will be held at 10:30 a.m. KST on May 18th at the Seoul Western District Court. The decision on whether to arrest is expected to be made on the same day.

seo min jae

The drug use allegations against the two were brought to light by Seo Min Jae’s disclosure. In August of last year, Seo Min Jae posted on her Instagram, “Nam Tae Hyun used meth. And the needle he used is in my room or office cabinet.” 

Amid the controversy, Seo Min Jae revealed that she was in a romantic relationship with Nam Tae Hyun, saying, “I lost control of my senses because I took a lot of psychiatric medication,” and took down the post. 

Nam Tae Hyun also said, “Although there was a quarrel between us as a couple, we reconciled well. I am sorry for causing concern,” but did not mention his alleged meth use.

seo min jae

However, following reports from netizens, the police collected their hair samples and submitted them to the National Forensic Service for analysis, leading to the application for an arrest warrant based on the positive results.

As news of Seo Min Jae’s arrest warrant spread, netizens have been expressing shock. Born in 1993, Seo Min Jae is turning 30 this year and is a graduate of Inha University’s mechanical engineering department.

seo min jae

Seo Min Jae gained attention for her exceptional beauty by participating in the Miss University Korea 2018 Pageant and being a candidate for Miss Gyeongbuk in 2019. Seo Min Jae made her face known through her appearance on “Heart Signal 3.”

At that time, she garnered attention by working as the first female mechanic employed through a job fair held by a major corporation. She impressed by showcasing her skills in repairing cars. In the following year, 2021, she appeared on “Friends” and even after the broadcast, she continued working at the company and shared glimpses of her ordinary daily life.

Source: Wikitree

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