IVE Members Complain About Ahn Yu-jin, “She Stares At Us When We Make Mistakes”

IVE member Ahn Yu-jin revealed several funny behind-the-scenes stories of the group’s choreography practices

On May 3rd, the YouTube channel “Halmyungsoo” uploaded episode 181 of their content showing Park Myung-soo inviting IVE around to share various talks. 

Park Myung-soo asked,Rei doesn’t get angry easily, but did you ever get angry?”. In response, Rei answered, “I just got frustrated”, showing her MZ side by using MZ slang.


Park Myung-soo continued, “Sometimes when other members make a mistake during dance practices, do you get angry?”. Rei said, “I have nothing to say because I’m normally the person who makes a mistake. Whenever I get it wrong, Yu-jin unnie always stares at me”

Upon hearing that, Ahn Yu-jin explained, “Strangely, when someone makes a mistake, I keep staring at them. I look at her like that without realizing it. I just look at the member and thought ‘It was wrong?’”.

Leeseo and Gaeul also added their experiences, saying “Even during the concert, our lines don’t match each other sometimes, right? If the person before her gets it wrong, she will stare at them in that way”, “She doesn’t say anything. She just stares”, etc.


Ahn Yu-jin smiled shyly and explained, “I feel like I’m getting exposed by 6 people at once”. Park Myung-soo asked back, “Then Yu-jin never makes a mistake?”. Ahn Yu-jin replied, “I quickly apologize and say sorry if I get anything wrong”. 

In addition, Liz said she’s like AI, adding that she is good at remembering details and never forgets them. Leeseo immediately refuted, “No, whenever the choreographer teaches us the dance, you always do it in the other way”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, IVE released their new album “IVE SWITCH” on April 29th.

Source: nate

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