K-pop Fans Recall Min Hee-jin’s Remarks After SEVENTEEN Albums Being Thrown Away On The Street

Min Hee-jin’s comments about increasing album sales with photocards are re-examined following SEVENTEEN’s album issue

Recently, a Japanese netizen posted on X (formerly Twitter), saying “A lot of SEVENTEEN are piling up on the sideway of Shibuya Parco in Tokyo Japan with the memo ‘Feel free to take it’”. The photo showed SEVENTEEN’s new album “17 Is Right Here”, which was released on April 29th, was abandoned on the streets of Shibuya.

According to the X post, there were warnings such as “If you find anyone selling or distributing goods on private land, please report it to the police immediately”, “There are CCTVs around”, etc. Since then, the albums have reportedly been moved to other places in garbage bags.

seventeen album

It is so common for K-pop agencies to include random photocards in albums to induce fans into purchasing a lot of copies so that they can obtain the photocards of their favorite members. This has been pointed out as a problem in the K-pop industry.

At her press conference on April 25th, CEO Min Hee jin strongly criticized the issue, saying “I know agencies are doing anything to increase sales, leading the market to become abnormal and disrupt the stock market”, adding “In the end, the burden is passed on to fans and the idols as they keep doing fansigning events”. 

According to Hanteo Chart, “17 Is Right Here” sold 2.26 million copies on the first day of its release. It also topped Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Rankings (April 30th) with 255,979 copies.

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