aespa set a MelOn record, beating both ITZY and (G)I-DLE

Although the new song is experimental, aespa still ranks highest among the 4th generation idol groups, proves their huge attractiveness.

aespa had the first comeback in their career, making a great impression on the audience with the song “Next Level”.  If with the debut song “Black Mamba”, the group is said to have not fully revealed their abilities, but in this comeback, both Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing have shown their musical colors with their own personalities and clear directions.

Recently, Kpop lovers are surprised by aespa’s latest achievement on the MelOn 24-Hits chart.  Specifically, aespa’s Next Level has penetrated deep into the chart and is currently in 5th place. SM girls easily compete with a series of digital music giants like BTS, Heize, or Oh My Girl.  This is a remarkable achievement for a 7-month-old rookie like aespa.

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Some comments from netizens:

  • “The song is reallyyyyyyyy addicting”
  • “Love how they come out in music programs”
  • “I hope they rise even more”
  • “So pretty and unique”
  • “Wonder if they will be as big as Red Velvet”
  • “In the top 5 with such a unique song? This is really huge”
  • “I always listen to my playlists on random but I never get tired of their song”
  • “Ningning’s vocal portions in that song is so addicting”
  • “Good music”

What’s worth mentioning about the group’s Top 5 achievement this time is because “Next Level” is an experimental song.  Next Level does not have a catchy beat drop like Black Mamba, but has a relatively messy structure.

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However, it seems that SM is on the right track as Next Level is gaining more and more attention.  This success is somewhat similar to that of I Got A Boy (SNSD) or Zimzalabim (Red Velvet). 

aespa is also recording the highest achievement among Gen 4 girl groups on the MelOn 24-Hits chart.  ITZY, who is said to be the leading rookie of the 4th generation, also recently recorded the highest ranking at #10. (G)I-DLE, which is strong in digital music, also only reached #10.  Because of that, aespa’s ranking this time is a significant step forward in the group’s career.

Source: Pann.Nate

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