Kim Sae Ron to stop filming for upcoming drama “Hunting Dogs” but remain a cast member, Netflix says 

Netflix has spoken on the future of Kim Sae Ron in “Hunting Dogs” following her DUI accident. 

On May 23rd, Netflix’s original series “Hunting Dogs” (working title) released a statement through a number of media outlets, saying, “After discussions with the production crew, actress Kim Sae Ron, and Netflix, a decision has been reached that Kim Sae Ron will sit out of her remaining scheduled filming.” An official from the drama added, “The majority of Kim Sae Ron’s filming has been completed, and the editing of the existing footage is currently under discussion with the production crew.” 

Kim Sae-ron

Since Kim Sae Ron plays one of the leads in “Hunting Dogs”, the production crew took a cautious stance regarding the to re-shoot of her scenes. Regarding the issue over whether or not she will be edited out, there are many scenes where Kim Sae Ron appears with other actors, so the editing is very difficult.

Kim Sae-ron

At the same time, Netflix emphasized that Kim Sae Ron is not leaving the cast of “Hunting Dogs”. Previously, the release schedule of “Hunting Dogs” was indefinitely delayed due to Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving accident that took place on May 18th, as reported by Ilgan Sports. She has voluntarily stepped down from SBS’s drama “Trolley”, which was scheduled to be her next drama after “Hunting Dogs”.

Source: Insight

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