Jo Jung-suk’s side, “Rumor of an affair with a female golfer is groundless… He has never met her”

Actor Jo Jung-suk refuted the recent rumors of him having an affair with a female golfer.

On October 6th, Jo Jung-suk’s agency JAM Entertainment said, “Our company confirmed that the rumor of actor Jo Jung-suk having a relationship that is closer than acquaintances with a golfer is false information that is spreading indiscriminately”. They added, “All of the rumors are obviously false facts. Also, it is so absurd that the company and the actor are currently involved with a person we have never met, and various speculations are being spread as if they were facts”, dismissing rumors.

Jo Jung-Suk

Jo Jung-suk’s side drew a line, saying “Actor Jo Jung-suk neither knows the female golfer in the rumor nor has any personal connections with her”.

At the same time, the agency announced their intention of taking legal action against the spread of false information.

Meanwhile, Bi Rain also said he was not the one who cheated on his wife with a female golfer.

Source: nate

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