Former AOA member Kwon Mina becomes online shopping mall owner… “Open in Jan~Feb next year”

Former AOA member-actress Kwon Mina is preparing to start a business.

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Kwon Mina told Money Today on Oct 31st, “I plan to open an online shopping mall in January~February next year.”

She explained, “I’m preparing an online shopping mall. I’ll also launch a brand. The brand’s name is Seoul345, and it’ll handle a wide range of products such as clothing, basic cosmetics, miscellaneous goods and limited editions.”

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She added, “I’m in charge of the design and concept myself.”

Kwon Mina has recently left her main job for a while to focus on learning business. In July, she participated in marketing and idea planning at Cafe 345 located in Seogyo-dong, Seoul.

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Kwon Mina debuted in 2012 with AOA’s first single “Angels’ Story”. The following year, she showed her presence as an actress by playing Yoon Jin-yeong in KBS2’s “Adolescence Medley”. Afterwards, she appeared in MBC’s “Hospital Ship” and KBS’ “Queen of Mystery 2”.

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Kwon Mina left the group in 2020 due to AOA’s leader Shin Ji-min’s harassment and is taking up the career as a soloist. Shin Ji-min also left the group and the entertainment industry, but recently returned through JTBC’s audition program “The Second World”.

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