Kim Hye-soo’s amazing eyebrow acting in “The Queen’s Umbrella” impressed many viewers

Returning on tvN 6 years after “Signal”, actress Kim Hye-soo is proving her name as “God Hye-soo” and even her eyebrows are showing their explosive acting ability.

In tvN’s Saturday-Sunday “The Queen’s Umbrella”, Kim Hye-soo plays Queen Im Hwa-ryeong who becomes the fastest person in the palace to save her sons. The drama depicts the struggles that the Queen, who can abandon her dignity for the sake of her children, faces when entering the fierce royal education war to make her troublemaker princes into proper princes. 

the queens umbrella

“The Queen’s Umbrella” received overwhelming attention even before its official broadcast. That’s because “The Queen’s Umbrella” is Kim Hye-soo’s first historical drama in 20 years since “Jang Hee-bin” and her first tvN’s series in 6 years since “Signal”. Above all, the synergy from the reunion of Kim Hye-soo and Kim Hae-sook, who worked together in “The Thieves”, also raised viewers’ high expectations.

The unique lines and attractive stories in this fusion historical drama were enough to keep the viewers in front of the screen until the end of its broadcasts. The handsome visuals of the Grand Princes played by young actors, such as Bae In-hyuk, Moon Sang-min, Yoo Seon-ho, Kang Chan-hee and Kim Min-gi, were also interesting points to watch the drama.

kim hye soo the queen's umbrella

Especially, Kim Hye-soo’s delicate acting in every scene continued to stand out. Kim Hye-soo perfectly portrayed “Josen’s hardcore” character, who has no time to laugh because of the troubles caused by the Grand Princes, and excellently conveyed the touching motherhood of the Queen, who devotes her whole life to her sons.

No wonder she has always been praised for her acting with eyebrows. Kim Hye-soo stole the viewers’ attention by showing them the charms of Queen Hwa-ryeong by raising her eyebrows and using a low-pitched voice. She thrilled the viewers in the scene where she turns around with her eyebrows up and glares at Hwang Won-hyeong (Kim Eui-sung). It’s like she was not delivering the emotions of her character through eye acting and lines, but also through her eyebrow movements.

the queens umbrella

Thanks to Kim Hye-soo’s performances, “The Queen’s Umbrella” gained high viewer ratings. Starting with 7.6% in the first episode, which aired on October 15th, the drama recorded 9.1% in episode 2, 7.0% in episode 3, 9.5% in episode 4 and 7.8% in episode 5. The rating performances of “The Queen’s Umbrella” went up and down just like Kim Hye-soo’s eyebrow acting then eventually exceeded the 10% range in the 6th episode.

Episode 6 of “The Queen’s Umbrella”, which aired on October 30th, recorded an amazing number of 11.3% in viewership, breaking its own rating record. The fact that “The Queen’s Umbrella” surpassed the 10% barrier and increased 3.5% from the rating of the previous episode in the 6th broadcast proved that the viewers’ interest and expectations for the drama are very high.

kim hye soo the queen's umbrella

6 years ago, Kim Hye-soo appeared as Cha Soo-hyun in “Signal” and showed an impressive performance that went back and forth between the past as a rookie detective 15 years ago and the present as a veteran detective in the team in charge of long-term unsolved cases. 6 years have passed and it’s been a long time since her last TV series appearance but Kim Hye-soo’s experience and charisma are still incomparable. 

kim hye-soo Under The Queen’s Umbrella

There are various things for the viewers to wait and see in “The Queen’s Umbrella”. It’s not exaggerated to say that it was Kim Hye-soo’s acting that contributed to 80% of the viewer subscriptions. What if Kim Hye-soo didn’t choose “The Queen’s Umbrella”? Then the rating of the drama might show a different performance. 

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