IU promoted on music shows after 4 years, singing live beautifully and showing off her top visual with “ending fairy” moment

 IU had a comeback stage on Music Bank. This is also the first time she promoted on a music show after 4 years.

 After releasing her 5th full album titled LILAC, IU had her first comeback stage on Music Bank (March 26).  The female singer performed the title song LILAC and the b-side song Epilogue, IU’s stage received great anticipation from the audience because after 4 years she finally returned to promote on music shows.

On the Epilogue stage, IU transformed into a classic lady in a crimson dress, the stage was set up like an ancient train station. When performing the title song LILAC, “national younger sister” embraced a youthful and elegant image.  IU showed off her sweet voice through 2 songs, her live singing skills have never disappointed.  Moreover, she also performed the choreography on the LILAC stage, the dancing moves of the female singer, though simple but smooth, graceful, matches well with the music.

 Through both concepts, IU has captured the hearts of viewers with her elegant and sweet visual. Her “ending fairy” moment was also so pretty that Korean netizens thought she is like a goddess on earth.

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