ASTRO Moonbin’s “last smile” that disarmed reporters

The news of the sudden death of Astro Moonbin gave reporters a heartbreaking feeling.

They recalled Moonbin‘s passion for music and stage as well as his affection for the members and fans at his last showcase.

astro moonbin sanha

Moonbin’s last appearance that reporters remember was the showcase for the release of Moonbin & Sanha’s third mini album “INCENSE” last January. As a unit of Astro, Moonbin & Sanha have built a fandom with their dreamy beauty, charismatic concepts and performances. Due to their unrivaled charm, other fandoms have also supported the unit Moonbin & Sanha.

On the showcase stage at that time, Moonbin introduced the new album as well as expressed his excitement and affection for the members and fans. Regarding Astro members’ response to the release of the new album, Moonbin confessed, “After listening to the album’s songs, everyone said it was great. They told us (Moonbin and Sanha) to take care of our health since it’s cold. Aroha (Astro’s fandom) is the driving force behind my growth. They give me strength. Of course, the members are also my driving force.

In fact, celebrities tend to get nervous at showcases or events where reporters gather. This is because the response to the new song may be lukewarm, and unexpected sharp questions may appear. Nevertheless, Moonbin answered reporters’ questions wholeheartedly with a consistent smile.


The scene in January was a scene that passed pleasantly back then, but when reporters think about it again, their hearts ache at Moonbin’s smiling face. Even the way he politely greeted reporters after finishing his stage… There was a reason why reporters and industry insiders who usually met Moonbin said that he was a “likable idol”.

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