The scary side of Chinese entertainment industry is starting to come to light

Kris Wu’s downfall after accusations of rape and coercion with fans have shaken up the entire Chinese entertainment industry. 

Recently, Canadian-Chinese star Kris Wu finds himself facing 13 years of imprisonment a worthy punishment for his many controversies and crimes. In addition, this sentence may be the wake-up call for many fans of Chinese showbiz. 

Kris Wu
Kris Wu was sentenced in 13 years of prison

A predator towards fans 

On November 25, Beijing Chaoyang People’s Court published their verdict of the first-instance trial of Kris Wu through Weibo. Accordingly, Kris Wu was found guilty of two charges. His two sentences are, 11 years and 6 months for rape, and 1 year and 10 months for gathering licentious group acts. He is sentenced to a total of 13-year jail time, plus deportation from China. 

Kris Wu finally stood trial
Kris Wu took advantage of 3 women when they were drunk 

A thorough investigation from November to December 2020 revealed that Kris Wu took advantage of 3 women when they were drunk and unable to consent nor resist. On February 1st, 2018, he and others also engaged in promiscuous activities with 2 other women. 

In the past, there have been many cases in showbiz where fans love their idols so much, they were taken advantage of. They were manipulated, gaslit, lost their will, and became the “prey” for people they considered their idols. 

kris wu

The same case applies to Kris Wu, who, behind his handsome face, is a predator towards his fans. Back in August, various women even accused the male celebrity of sexually harrassing them. It was even rumored that he opened a “women selection” in Los Angeles, the US, basically considering them his toy and objects. 

kris wu

After Kris Wu’s true character was revealed, netizens have left rather scathing comments. “Some fans are so deluded, they even felt prideful about the misconduct of their favorite celebrities. Even after Kris Wu got arrested, multiple people still jumped to his defense, and maintained blind faith in him”, an account wrote. 

The true face behind the mask of fame 

Kris Wu’s fall from grace happened right at the peak of his fame, leading to many media outlets re-examining A-list celebrities in the nation. In particular, prior to his downfall, Kris Wu was among the Top 4 male stars with the most fans in China, alongside Luhan, Li Yifeng, and Yang Yang.

Only by efforts and passion, all difficulties and challenges will be automatically overcame

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Kris Wu rose to fame in 2012, after debuting as a member of boy group EXO. He then left the group and returned to China, and has since been loved in various fields due to his gorgeous visuals.  

Li Yifeng Wu Yifan thumbnail
Kris Wu was among the Top 4 male stars with the most fans in China, alongside Luhan, Li Yifeng, and Yang Yang.

While there has been a lot of criticism directed at Kris Wu for his talent, there’s no denying the intense popularity to his name. Regardless of activities, the male celebrity always receives immense support. 

Now that Kris Wu has fallen from grace, however, many people describe him as a “talentless visuals”. They believe that his popularity does not go hand in hand with his skills, and say that other, more talented people are more deserving. Kris Wu’s path to stardom was too easy and without any actual value, leading to his quick decline and bad demeanor, they claim. 

Kris Wu

A wake-up call

After the shocking case of Kris Wu, People Entertainment wrote, “The sentence that Kris Wu faced once again proves that the entertainment industry is also subject to law and regulation. Crimes won’t be covered with popularity, and those who have crossed moral lines will soon face their punishment.” 

At the same time, Kris Wu’s case should be a wake-up call towards fans as well. It is better to never fall too deeply with a celebrity nor trust them blindly, seeing that they may act completely different off the screen.

Kris Wu

Experts say that celebrities having huge impact and popularity does not mean they can violate the law and be “immune”. As public figures, they should be aware of their responsibility. Kris Wu’s imprisonment is to promote a clean and long-term China’s entertainment industry.

“As artists, they should create a positive image for fans, based on their works and talents, not scandals. Regardless of high income and popularity, always remind yourself whether you are worthy of the love of your fans. Based on the law, everyone is equal, if you violate it, there will be consequences.”

Kris Wu
The collapse of Kris Wu’s image may signal the end of a golden era of top celebrities 

In the past two years, multiple celebrities’ shocking scandals have demonstrated China’s strong determination to clean up the entertainment industry.

“Only by respecting the law, respecting your job, the audience from the heart, can your career go smoothly. If you stay away from the above, you will definitely pay a heavy price,” Chinanews commented.

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