“Once every 10 days for a person in his thirties”… “The Queen’s Umbrella” showed the princes blushing while getting sex education

The princes in “The Queen’s Umbrella” were seen receiving sex education.

The first episode of tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”, which aired on October 15th, showed the princes getting sex education.

The Queen's Umbrella

While Im Hwa-ryeong (Kim Hye-soo) was hiding the fainting of the Crown Prince (Bae In-hyuk), her other sons, including Grand Prince Seongnam (Moon Sang-min), Grand Prince Muan (Yoon Sang-hyun), Grand Prince Gyeseong (Yoo Seon-ho), and Grand Prince Ilyeong (Park Ha-jun), attended classes with other princes.

Upon hearing that they were having tutelage of relations, Prince Muan said, “Hurry up. We need to get good seats. That’s something we must learn no matter what”, adding “My passion for learning has already burned”. Their tutelage of relations class was about sex education.

The Queen's Umbrella

The teacher said, “In the royal family, the production of offspring is more than just a way to carry on the family line. It is an act that ensures the royal bloodline is perpetuated. Therefore, I ask you to take this lesson in earnest”, adding “Our first topic is the appropriate frequency with regard to sexual intercourse. It should be once every three to four days for a person in his twenties. Once every ten days for a person in his thirties. Moderation is key when it comes to sexual intercourse.”

Prince Muan then asked, “Master, then would someone in their teens partake in intercourse more often than every three or four days? As I am 19 years old, should I have intercourse every two days?”, the teacher replied, “You shall be in your twenties once you are wed. Therefore, I advise you to follow the corresponding guidelines then.”

The Queen's Umbrella

After opening the textbook, the princes blushed as soon as they saw the paintings about sexual intercourse. This scene drew laughter from the viewers. 

Meanwhile, Queen Im Hwa-ryeong was seen nervously visiting Queen Yoon (Seo Yi-sook), who was deposed to protect the Crown Prince and the Grand Princes.

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