A member of a legendary idol group, who was kicked out of the entertainment industry, gave an unexpected update

The recent status of Lee Ju-no, a former member from Seo Taiji and Boys, has been revealed.

On August 22nd, on the YouTube channel “Recent Olympics,” a video titled ‘[Meeting Lee Juno] A member of Seo Taeji and Boys is going to the office to work every day…We have gone to his office”

Lee Ju-no said, “I like dancing, but it’s been 20 years since I last danced,” adding that his current work is related to social platforms.

Referring to the past, which was not smooth during the start of his business, he said, “I first experienced that I can go by law when I caused material damage to those who participated in a certain business of mine, which I did out of bravery, because I was not good enough as an owner and a businessman.”

He then said, “I have a strong tendency to believe whatever someone says,” adding, “In fact, it’s all my fault. As a matter of fact, the most mentally painful thing to me was Seo Taiji and Boys. It was the most heartbreaking and I couldn’t even make use of that as my excuse. I’m overcoming it well and pioneering my life,” he confessed.

He also mentioned his current situation. He said, “I’m now in my mid-50s, I’m the father of my children, and I’m the head of my household. I’m someone who is trying his best just like you guys. I am also working hard at the office,” he explained.

Lee Ju-no made his debut in the 1990s as one part of the pop culture icon Seo Taiji and Boys. After the team disbanded, he was convicted twice in 2002 and 2016 on sexual harassment charges and was kicked out from the entertainment industry.

Source: Wikitree

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