“Embarrassed by low grades?” Kim Yuna explains her famous “midterm exam results” GIF

Korea’s figure skating queen Kim Yuna cleared up speculations about her “midterm exam results”. 

On August 22nd, Kim Yuna appeared in an interview with fashion magazine “Elle Korea”, where mentioned a viral GIF of herself.

Back in 2007, Kim Yuna visited her alma mater, Gunpo Suri High School, to take the midterm exam.

Footage of her visit was released through a broadcasting company, and while looking through the paper in the hand, Kim Yuna could be seen showing a bewildered and embarrassed expression. 

Seeing this, some netizens were convinced that said paper was a “report card”, and that Kim Yuna was embarrassed by her lower-than-expected scores. 

This GIF has been circulating online for 15 years under the title of “Kim Yuna Checking Her Report Card”. 

In August last year, the same GIF was published as a YouTube Shorts video, under the title “Kim Yuna’s mid term exam results”, and has since exceeded 2.12 million views. 

kim yuna

Regarding this, Kim Yuna explained: “That day was the day of the exams, and I had to give the students my autograph. They told me to give them these sheets of paper with numbers written on them.” 

“I didn’t know I had to do this, and was just super surprised and confused. But when the media saw me making that face, I think that’s how they decided to title that moment,” the famous athlete concluded.  

kim yuna

Source: Dispatch

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