Director Lee Jung Rim reveals behind-the-scenes stories of filming “Revenant”

Director Lee Jung Rim shared her thoughts on successfully completing “Revenant”.

On the afternoon of August 4th, director Lee Jung Rim conducted a written interview regarding SBS’ “Revenant“. She said, “There must have been a lot of shortcomings, but I trusted the writer, actors and great staff. I also enjoyed viewers’ reasoning and received a lot of contacts from acquaintances. I received many text messages saying, ‘I’ll keep it a secret, so tell me.’ Thank you for enjoying the drama.

Hong Kyung, Kim Tae ri Oh Jeong se

Director Lee Jung Rim expressed her feelings about working with Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se, Hong Kyung, Kim Won Hae, Kim Hae Sook and Jin Seon Kyu. She said, “I talked a lot with actors Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung. All three of them had a lot of questions. At the end of filming, the main characters even appeared in my dream and asked me questions. Thinking about the answers to the questions led to new ideas, and the vague moments were solved.”

Director Lee continued, “Actress Kim Tae Ri leads the set passionately but never misses the details. I relied on her and learned a lot while working with her. Actor Oh Jung Se is a quiet but charismatic person. He digested and expressed all the keywords that come to my mind when I think of Yeom Hae Sang, such as solitude, loneliness and single-mindedness.”

Hong Kyung appears unbelievably mature, with an aura that many admire. I believe Hong Kyung is the main contributor who made viewers even sadder after Detective Seo Mun Chun’s death in the drama. Actor Kim Won Hae has been like a guiding light on set, teaching and guiding his juniors. Actress Kim Hae Sook might appear terrifying on screen, but off-screen, she’s respected and adored by the staff members when the director yells ‘Cut’. When I first met actor Jin Sun Kyu, he gave me a feeling like an old neighbor I already knew. With his gentle and elegant way of talking, he constantly brings laughter to those around him. He portrayed a character 12 years older than my age naturally. Lastly, I’m thankful to Park Ji Young, who has always cared for me on set like a mother and understood me during difficult times.”


Lastly, Director Lee Jung Rim chose a scene from ‘Revenant’ that she was most satisfied with. She said, “The scene that best portrayed the relationship between Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se is probably in the second part, where San Yeong is about to jump out but is saved by Hae Sang. Also, the ending scene in part three on the Han River bridge. It was a set where they waited and cared for each other until the emotions were adequately expressed. They carefully watched each other’s acting, and every detail in the scene was completed, such as the posture of throwing a fish tank, the sight of Hae Sang rushing to find San Yeong, and the expression on Hae Sang’s face as he looked at the whale. It could have been a somewhat static scene, but it brought out 120% of the tension in the scripts.”

Hong Kyung, Kim Tae ri Oh Jeong se

Furthermore, Director Lee Jung Rim added, “There are numerous other scenes, but if you happen to watch ‘Revenant’ again, pay attention to San Yeong’s expression as she passes by Woo Jin in part 5. Her raised corner of the mouth will send chills down your spine. Even without visible expressions, Kim Tae Ri exudes emotions.”

In Part 3, there’s a scene where Hae Sang goes to Mr. Lee’s house (Grandfather Tae Young’s house) following his footsteps and hears the sound of a door. The expression on Hae Sang’s face, as he remembers his painful past while trapped in the corridor and finally opens the door to rescue someone, is unforgettable. Although he hasn’t become a complete adult yet, it was a scene where the belief that he would eventually succeed arose.”

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