What happened to ex-I.O.I Ju Kyulkyung in China? Shocking revealing fashion beyond imagination

Ex-I.O.I Joo Kyulkyung looks 180 degrees different from when she was active in Korea.

Singer Joo Kyulkyung, a former member of the group I.O.I and Pristin, revealed her recent status in China. Kyulkyung recently posted several pictorials taken with Figaro magazine on her Instagram.


Unlike her image when she was active in Korea, Kyulkyung in the picture feels quite mature. The outfit itself is completely unconventional. In particular, the picture of her wearing a mesh-like backless top is shocking because it is not exceptional in terms of the level of exposure.

On top of that, it’s worth noting that she seems to be on a diet so she looks too skinny compared to her time in Korea. The face is also clearly slimmer, and her unique cute round image disappears.


On the other hand, Joo Kyulkyung moved to China after I.O.I and Pristine disbanded to continue her solo activities.


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