V – Jung Kook intimate moments caused fans to buzz

The two guys ‘ignored the world’ to immerse themselves in the moments.

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Recently, BTS went to Japan to perform two nights of “World Tour Love Yourself” in Nagoya. One of the topics that fans discussed the most on this tour is the close brotherhood of V and Jung Kook. The two guys “stick together” anytime, anywhere and they treat fans with a series of sweet moments that are no different from romantic movies.

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In the DNA song, Jung Kook and V‘s performance of the choreography made Army go crazy. Many fans commented, V‘s position should have been farther away from Jung Kook but for “some reason”, he turned into standing next to the maknae like this.

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This is the legendary hug of “Titanic VKook version” in Anpanman stage. Ji Min is definitely the “poor” character…
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… when always have to be the third wheel.
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Jung Kook always turned his gaze to V, enthusiastically responding each time he raised his voice.
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And there are also many moments V looked affectionately at Jung Kook.
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The stage was so big yet the distance between VKook is so close.
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Even when they said hi to fans, they had to stand next to each other.
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Can’t take their eyes off even when taking photos with the group.
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The act of pulling hands, embracing Jung Kook by his waist made fans think of a scene in … Descendants of the Sun.
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Suga’s funny expression when witnessing VKook’s scene.
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This video is trending on Twitter with over 13,000 likes and thousands of comments.

V and Jung Kook are famous for their close brotherhood and relationship. Therefore, a lot of fans ship the two idols. After two nights of the concert in Nagoya, the fan club for VKook is well fed with these sweet moments. Many fans joked that Japan is the holy land of the VKook couple because every time they perform here, the two guys are acting like they are in a romantic movie.


Source: Ione

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