ARMY bombards The Voice’s Twitter account for cutting BTS’s performance without any explanation

“The Voice” had announced that there would be a surprise from BTS and the Jonas Brothers but they couldn’t keep their word.

On May 13th, the audition show “The Voice” (America) hinted on its Twitter about BTS and the Jonas Brothers’s appearance on May 14th episode.Immediately, this post received tons of attention from the ARMY community and the media. Recently, BTS continuously appears on many famous TV shows of the U.S and fans are sure that the boys will perform “Boy With Luv” on the stage of “The Voice”.

However, after the episode on May 14th ended, fans were shocked because BTS didn’t appear like how they had hinted. After the situation, the show said nothing but annoucing that Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers will perform at the finale night.

After digging back into the tweet history, fans realized that the producer of “The Voice” has silently deleted the tweet in which BTS was mentioned off their official account and only left a tweet about the Jonas Brothers performance. ARMYs also found another tweet which is said to have been edited to erase BTS’s name but they had forgotten to erase the phrase “from and”.

Connecting all events together, netizens are guessing that BTS did perform for “The Voice” during their North America tour and NBC should have aired the performance like how they had said. But somehow, BTS’s performance was cut off without any explanation.

Most ARMYs are infuriated by the lack of professionalism from this broadcasting station. They think that BTS’s fame is being used to attract more views for “The Voice”. Due to the introduction on Twitter, many ARMYs have watched that episode from the beginning to the end to be able to see their idols but all they’ve got is a fraud.

ARMYs are disappointed by the producers of “The Voice”

Source: tinnhac

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