Han Ji-min’s mother heartwarmingly prepares some pocket money for her daughter’s manager as well, “Thank you always”

The heartwarming side of Han Ji-min’s mother is currently a hot topic online.

Actress Han Ji-min‘s agency, BH Entertainment, recently posted on its Youtube channel a video titled “VLOG Jimin went on a business trip to Australia! Jiminlog #1′.

In the video, Han Ji-min was exchanging money at the airport when she said, “My mom gave my manager pocket money too. You even wrote a note for the manager. It’s so cute. I don’t even know when she wrote it.”

“Show us the envelope that my mom gave you. She gave it to me without writing anything you know,” Han Ji-min asked her manager.

han ji min

The manager showed the envelope they received from Han Ji-min’s mother, and on the envelope, it said, “Have a fruitful and enjoyable trip to Australia. Thank you always. Ji-min’s mom’, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

Han Ji-min also shared how clumsy she could be, saying, “There were times when I didn’t take my undies bag, I didn’t take my foam cleanser a few times, and of course I didn’t carry my sunscreen with me a few times too.”

han ji min

She said, “I brought a big sunscreen,” but added, “I didn’t bring a foam cleanser. I only have a small one. I was going to take the big one because I had to stay for a long time, but I didn’t bring it. I hated heavy things the most, so I only took my pajamas because I would wear outfits for the drama anyway. But the bag is so flat when I come back home. I left my pajamas at the hotel. That’s why I brought an empty bag,” she confessed and laughed.

Source: Nate

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