All-red looks of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and IVE’s Jang Wonyoung: Sexy vs. sweet

Both Jennie and Jang Wonyoung turned into “Red Queens” in their groups’ latest MVs. 

On August 22nd, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared new behind-the-scenes photos of her on Instagram with the caption, “A vision I had when I first heard ‘Pink Venom’ came exactly alive.”

Jennie took these photos at the filming set of BLACKPINK’s MV for the pre-release single “Pink Venom”. For her individual scenes in the MV, Jennie was dressed in a bold and sexy see-through dress with a red leopard pattern and stockings. 

Wearing an intense all-red look and strikingly high heels, Jennie showed off her glamorous and alluring charms to the fullest.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung posted new photos on Instagram on August 23rd with the caption, “Say hello to my new ‘Tweety Bang'”.

Like Jennie, Jang Wonyoung drew attention with all-red fashion on the set of IVE’s latest title track “After LIKE” from their 3rd single album. Jang Wonyoung was dressed in a red chiffon dress and had her bangs cutely styled that made her look like the animated character “Tweety”. She boasts a lovely and playful charm by winking and pouting.

Jang Wonyoung’s red dress, red cherry-shaped accessories, and glossy red lips all add to her refreshing and sweet all-red look.

Source: dispatch

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