HYBE Released Official Statement Regarding NewJeans Amid Min Hee-jin’s Press Conference 

An official statement regarding girl group NewJeans was published by HYBE during Min Hee-jin’s recent press conference. 

On April 25, the CEO of NewJeans’ agency ADOR, Min Hee-jin, held a press conference where she addressed various controversies that emerged as a result of the ongoing HYBEADOR feud. 

min hee jin

Here, Min Hee-jin also expresses worries for ADOR’s only artist, NewJeans, insisting that HYBE’s actions are hurting the girl group. 

As if responding to this, however, HYBE has released an official statement regarding their plans with NewJeans on the fan communication platform Weverse. 

The full statement is as below: 

statement newjeans


This is HYBE.

We would like to announce legal actions to protect the rights and interests of NewJeans.

NewJeans plans to continue various promotional activities, including the release of a new song MV scheduled for the 27th and the release of a double single in May and June. We will try our best to support NewJeans so that their comeback is not affected.

Recently, many malicious articles infringing upon the rights, interests, and damaging the reputation of artists, including defamation, groundless slander, mockery, and derogation, have been discovered. We have been taking legal actions regularly (against violators) regarding NewJeans, but we have noticed that the malicious behaviors targeting the members have reached a serious level, so we have decided to appoint an additional law firm to respond to protect the rights and interests of the artists.

To protect NewJeans, HYBE will collect all information infringing upon the rights and interests of the artists and take all possible legal actions. We want to inform everyone that we will react strongly by applying uncompromising and non-negotiable principles, in line with our current legal policy.

Furthermore, we plan to support the artists both materially and spiritually for them to heal psychologically and stabilize their emotions. We earnestly request you to stop the indiscriminate criticism and derogation of the artists.

Thank you.”

Source: Weverse

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