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Awesome… A genius musician who is monopolizing the public’s interest will appear on “I Live Alone” this week

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk appeared on “I Live Alone”.

On MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone“, which is scheduled to air on Oct 14th, genius musician AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk, who is about to make a comeback, will appear and reveal his daily life.

In the recent recording of “I Live Alone”, Chan-hyuk exuded his unique charm by revealing the “24 hours aren’t enough” life of a genius musician.

“Chan-hyuk’s Hangang View Art House”, which he has moved into for a year and a half, was also unveiled for the first time. From floor to ceiling, Lee Chan-hyuk’s unique taste attracted attention. However, Lee Chan-hyuk surprised everyone with his unexpected confession, “It’s hard to be alone in this house.”

Lee Chan-hyuk diligently left home right after waking up. He stated that bicycle was his only means of transportation as well as showed a romantic “morning routine”. He revealed from the cafe to the vintage shop in Eulji-ro that he usually visits, drawing attention.

Lee Chan-hyuk’s daily life can be seen on “I Live Alone”, which will air at 11:10 PM on Oct 14th.

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-hyuk is making unconventional moves every day ahead of the release of his first full-length solo album [ERROR]. Various unique promotions are being carried out to monopolize the public’s interest.

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