A famous rapper was so shocked as the women he met in Hongdae didn’t recognize him

Netizens are spreading a video of a famous rapper being intensely rejected by girls he met in Hongdae.

On September 3rd, a video titled “A day of 100% untampered rapper Implanted Kid | [I’m A Rapper] Implanted Kid” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “dingo freestyle”.

The video introduced a simple and real day of rapper Implanted Kid. 

Implanted Kid, who had been walking around in Hongdae since early in the morning, confessed that women around didn’t recognize him. He got frustrated, wondering “They really don’t watch TV? Or Youtube?”

Revealing that he wanted to go around and ask people if they know him, Implanted Kid called another famous rapper he is close to, saying “Shall we go ‘hunting’ today?”.

kim nong mil

The rapper that Implanted Kid called with the nickname “Nongmil” is Oh Dam-ryul, who is carrying out activities under the rap name Kim Nong-mil

The two rappers, who competed in Mnet’s “High School Rapper 1&2” and showed off outstanding skills, appeared on Hongdae street and started their plan aiming for the hearts of women with their good-looking appearances. 

kim nong mil

Implanted Kid and Kim Nong-mil immediately entered a single pub and began to look for women.

Kim Nong-mil said, “I’m really good at doing this. I’ll go right away and ask them ‘Do you know CHILLA THE YOUNG WAVE~?’”, showing his confidence. He continued, “Have you seen ‘High School Rapper’? I came out in the same season as Haon”, finishing his preparation. 

However, his extraordinary confidence didn’t last long.

kim nong mil

Making eye contact with some girls sitting at a nearby table and approaching them with excitement, Kim Nong-mil said, “Hello. I’ve just lost a game, so may I ask whether you’ve seen ‘High School Rapper’?”.

Unlike his expectations, the girls shook their heads, saying “We haven’t watched it”.

“Do you know CHILLA THE YOUNG WAVE~?”, Kim Nong-mil asked again but there was no response so he hurriedly returned to his seat.

kim nong mil

When Implanted Kid said, “I saw it up close and it seems like you didn’t make it”, Kim Nong-mil tried to explain that he was not dumped by the girls.

The two, who didn’t know how to give up, tried to make some jokes to talk to the girls at the next table. However, as soon as the girls said “Actually, we like Bae Yeon-seo”, the two rappers got sulky and went back to their seats. They ended up being left alone.

kim nong mil

In the end, Kim Nong-mill abandoned Implanted Kid at 10 p.m and left to meet a sister he knew, drawing laughter. 

Meanwhile, rapper Oh Dam-ryul, who was born in 1999 and is active under the rap name Kim Nong-mil, proved his excellent skills through “High School Rapper” and “High School Rapper 2”. Since then, he continued to compete in “Show Me The Money” Seasons 7 & 9 and showed off his extraordinary raps even after becoming an adult.

kim nong mil

He is well-received for his free and relaxed flow as well as witty lyrics. In addition, his unique tone and pronunciation also received high evaluations. Oh Dam-ryul has released various music productions, such as “HGBS”, “PUZZLE”, etc.

Source: insight

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