BIBI reveals the message she received from actor Park Jung Min, “This is fate”

At the press conference for new album, singer BIBI mentioned her special relationship with actor Park Jung Min

On the afternoon of November 18th, a press conference was held at Cheongdam CGV in Gangnam-gu, Seoul to commemorate the release of singer BIBI’s first full-length album “Lowlife Princess-Noir”.

bibi park jung min

At this event, BIBI brought up the story of actor Park Jung Min, who appeared in the music video for her new song “JOTTO”.

“I became a fan of actor Park Jung Min after watching the Netflix series ‘Hellbound’. But when I checked my DM, I found a message from him. I thought this was fate”, BIBI said, adding that Park Jung Min praised her to be a genius. 

Then, BIBI explained the process of them working together, saying, “I immediately replied, ‘I respect you so much, senior’, and after we grew close, I asked if he could appear in my music video, and of course he agreed.”


Finally, BIBI apologized, “I’m sorry that his character died. Park Jung Min always does well in all projects of his. I also hope it will work out for me”. 

On the other hand, BIBI unveiled her new album ”Low Life Princess – Noir” at 2PM (KST) on November 18th and will be starting full-fledged promotions.

Source: wikitree

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