BTS Jungkook’s favorite car suddenly put up for auction? The starting price is…

A vehicle said to have been owned and driven by BTS Jungkook suddenly appeared at an auction and drew attention. 

On November 16th, Newsen reported that a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV G-Bargain, which Jungkook owned and drove himself, will be put up for auction on Blacklot, an auction site under Seoul Auction.

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According to an entertainment official, the original owner, BTS Jungkook, purchased the vehicle in his name in September 2019 and owned it for more than two years. Afterwards, the car was reportedly transferred to a collector in March before becoming available for auction. 

The starting price of the auction is 150 million won, around 60 to 70 million won cheaper than the market price of the same model of the same year.

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An official in the entertainment industry pointed out that the AMG edition, which belongs to the limited edition axis among G-bargains, was the reason why the vehicle was put on the auction site for art items rather than used cars.

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Another official also expressed that they believe Jungkook’s previous ownership will be a major attraction point for potential bidders. 

Regarding the auction of this vehicle, Blacklot posted an auction notice on their official site on November 9th. The same page also contains details of the vehicles, such as photos of it from multiple angles, specifications, and a quality evaluation of the performance condition.

However, instead of directly stating that it was owned by Jungkook, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG G63 Edition is only briefly listed on Blacklot as “a vehicle driven by a global celebrity”. 

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The auction was posted from 10 AM, November 14th, and will end at 4 PM, November 21st in Korean time.  As it is open to the public online, prospective collectors interested in the vehicle can check the status of the auction in real time.

In addition, an entertainment industry official explained that the current owner, who put the car up for an art auction, plans to donate a portion of the sales.

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