BTS’s RM Reflects on His Special Bond with the Group in Recent Interview: “I Look Forward to 2025”

In a recent interview with GQ Japan, leader RM opened up about the profound significance of BTS in his life

As BTS celebrated their 10th debut anniversary in June, RM shared his heartfelt sentiments about what BTS truly means to him.

For RM, BTS represents his entire journey through his 20s. It’s not just a chapter in his life; it’s the most crucial chapter. He referred to BTS as the cornerstone of his existence, a part of his identity as Kim Namjoon (RM’s real name). 

bts rm

RM expressed his unwavering commitment to continue being a part of BTS and hopes to carry forward the group’s legacy.

What truly stands out in RM’s relationship with BTS is the depth of his affection for the other members. RM emphasized that they are more than just bandmates; they are each other’s family and closest friends. 

RM even described his connection with BTS as a form of love, underlining the genuine bond that the members have developed over the years.


Looking ahead, RM shared his excitement about BTS’s scheduled return as a full group in 2025, once the members have all completed their military service. While he admitted that change is inevitable, he remains confident in BTS’s core values. 

RM expressed, “I’m looking forward to 2025. I feel very lucky to have been with BTS for 10 years. So I want us to challenge ourselves and see how far this luck will continue.”

RM added that he envisions BTS evolving into seven distinct individuals, each contributing to creating unique histories. It’s this sense of unity and individuality that has made BTS known for their exceptional teamwork.

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