SHINee Taemin’s live broadcast before enlistment: “I’m scared and anxious about the future”

SHINee Taemin’s suffering from severe depression and panic disorder was reported, which made people feel sorry for him.

On Jan 14th, Taemin‘s agency SM Entertainment said, “From January 14th 2022, Taemin has been transferred from the Ministry of Defense’s Military Band Service Support Group to reservist duty.”

They explained, “While serving, Taemin has been receiving continuous treatment and counseling for his symptoms of depression and panic disorder which he has been suffering from before. However, with aggravated symptoms, he has been transferred to reservist duty as in accordance with the military’s judgment and measures. It is impossible for him to continue his military service simultaneously with treatment.”

SHINee Taemin live broadcast before enlistment

Fans were shocked because he was a person who always smiled brightly and had a positive image. Among SHINee members, Taemin was also famous for not crying often. As such, the live broadcast that he showed tears before joining the military is being re-examined.

In April last year, Taemin had time to communicate with fans through an Instagram live broadcast. On that day, Taemin confessed, “Thank you for always being by my side when I’m lonely and having a hard time. I think this job suits me well. I’m a person who wants to be loved a lot.”

SHINee Taemin live broadcast before enlistment

Taemin was then lost in thoughts as if holding back tears. In a weeping voice, he said, “Did I give you strength? It’s not a sad thing, but why do I feel sad?” Having struggled to hold back tears, he shared, “I’m worried, scared and anxious about the future.” He added, “I feel lonely while looking back to the past. A lot of things seem to have happened.”

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