FreeZia revealed her abs in a crop school uniform top, but some female netizens’ reactions are cold

Unnecessary attention is drawn to YouTuber FreeZia (Song Ji-a), who is gaining explosive popularity after appearing on Netflix’s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno.” 

On Jan 14th, an article was posted on the online community FOMOS, saying, “They are swearing at FreeZia on female-dominated online communities because of her outfit.” The post was posted on the female-dominated community Instiz. 

On the afternoon of Jan 13th, FreeZia, along with Kang Ye-won and Lee Young-ji, attended the recording of Saturday’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros” at JTBC Ilsan Studio in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do. FreeZia, wearing a crop tee-style school uniform top, drew attention by revealing her solid abs.

Some Instiz members who shared the photo criticized FreeZia for sexualizing school uniforms. Their arguments were unyielding. 

A member of Instiz claimed, “School uniforms are student clothing, and it’s very wrong to reform them to look sexy in that way.” 

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Other members also responded similarly. “It’s not that we are tired of pointing out things like this, it’s just an obvious thing now. If you just wear clothes that are exposing, no one will say anything. However, she is criticized because she wore a crop top as part of her school uniform. FreeZia wore it without thinking, but the students will receive the damage.” 

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There was also a member who said, “Just like BLACKPINK’s nurse clothes incident, I don’t know what’s wrong with FreeZia,” adding, “I think I would like her if this didn’t happen.” 

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Meanwhile, FreeZia is a popular creator with 1 million subscribers. She appeared as a cast member in Netflix’s entertainment show “Single’s Inferno” and showed her overwhelming presence with her splendid appearance and cool personality.

She became the final couple with Kim Hyun-joong in the program. The two have not expressed their current position on whether they have developed into real lovers since “Single’s Inferno,” raising questions.


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