Comedian Lee Se Young surprises with upgraded visuals in new photos

Lee Se Young, who was the victim of malicious face shaming comments, stuns with her beauty in latest photos.

Lee Se Young is a famous comedian who often appears in the million-view videos of the Korean version of the late-night live television SNL. Lee Se Young started acting quite early, but with an appearance that was deemed “unattractive”, besides being a member of SNL, her roles on television and movies were not really noticed. Her rare outstanding TV drama role is Ji Hyun, the female lead’s best friend in the iconic drama Reply 1988.

Comedian Lee Se Young
Lee Se Young (middle) in Reply 1988
Comedian Lee Se Young

Nearly 2 years ago, Lee Se Young suddenly caused a buzz, of course not because of any new roles but because of her completely different appearance: sexy body and beautiful face. It is known that she had botox injections and lost 36 kg to look more beautiful. Most recently, on her personal Instagram page, Lee Se Young surprised the audience with a series of extremely charming pictures, her face is also much prettier.

Comedian Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young almost did not receive any new projects from the time she changed her appearance till today. She only appeared in Hanging On, however, it was only a small cameo role. Her acting career appears to be less important to her now, as she primarily focuses on the beauty industry and business, introducing herself as an entrepreneur. Perhaps the fact that she was body-shamed when she was an actress led to Lee Se Young deciding to change her career path.

Comedian Lee Se Young
Comedian Lee Se Young

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