When the 3 Kpop “princesses” wear the same dress: Will you choose Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Yeri (Red Velvet), or Lia (ITZY)?

In your opinion, are Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Yeri (Red Velvet), or Lia (ITZY) the most suitable Kpop female idol for this dress?

Surely you have seen many times that Kpop idols wear the same design, but perhaps this case below is more noticeable because of its specialties.  Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Yeri (Red Velvet), and Lia (ITZY) all have their own styles, but they all have a sweet, arrogant, attractive aura like princesses.  

That’s why when Jisoo, Yeri, and Lia wear the same design, netizens will immediately have a comparison because they are all Kpop princesses.  The dress below is a high-end brand and not everyone looks good in it, so check out the series of photos below before making your choice.

Not everyone can wear this $ 1720 dress because of its design.

Kendall Jenner wore this dress at London Fashion Week.  The dress is combined with a frilly chiffon skirt also from  Burberry.


Yeri (Red Velvet) wore this combo like Kendall Jenner in the series of photos taken for Noblesse Men Korea.  It is known that the total value of this combo will be up to about 3,500 USD. 

After that, the female idol added some photos of this outfit on her Instagram.  It can be seen that Yeri can still wear it beautifully and arrogantly.  She also exudes a pure auralike a princess. 


Jisoo wore this dress when taking a teaser for ‘THE ALBUM’.  It can be seen that the BLACKPINK stylist has re-designed it by mixing Burberry’s corset dress with a creative off-shoulder denim jacket.

In a photo posted to Instagram, we can see the full design when Jisoo wore.  BLACKPINK’s visual did not mix it with a chiffon skirt like the original, but only wore a plaid dress but cut the body of the skirt to show off her slim legs.  The BLACKPINK’s stylist certainly knows what she should do. 


 This design was also worn by Lia (ITZY) during an April 2020 photoshoot for ELLE magazine.  Yeri also wore that corset dress with a chiffon skirt, but Lia’s aura is completely different from her senior.

Lia has a high bun hairstyle, wears a wide necklace, and a prominent Burberry bag in her hand.  In a post on Pann, netizens described Lia’s dressing style as ‘malgwalryangi’ – a term used to describe girls who pursue the sassy and energetic style resembling the image of ‘Pippi Longstocking’.

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