Rozalin (Street Woman Fighter) apologized for the controversies over her scamming, “I’m sorry for being immature”

Dancer Rozalin, who competed in Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”, apologized for the controversy over her scamming that has surrounded her recently.

On October 1, Street Woman Fighter Rozalin posted on her Instagram and said, “I sincerely apologize to the student and parents who were hurt by my immature and rash words and actions.

Recently, Rozalin has been embroiled in a controversy over scamming as she didn’t refund 2.9 million won of entrance exam lesson fees to a student, A. Since then, numerous other suspicions of Rozaline scamming have erupted one after another, including not returning sponsored items. 3 days after A disclosed the case, Rozalin finally couldn’t keep silent anymore and decided to explain herself.

The dancer apologized to student A, saying, Regardless of the reason, it is true that I got paid but didn’t proceed with the lesson properly and was not good at dealing with situations. I apologize and will sincerely reflect on my actions.”

She continued, After meeting the student and parents, I already gave them the full refund, sincerely apologized to them, and promised my self-reflection. I’m sorry for causing controversies and disappointing everyone who have been supporting me”

Regarding the allegation that she did not return the sponsored items, Rozalin said, I already solved this with the advertising company in 2019. However, articles suddenly came out, so both the company and I were baffled. I just want to say sorry once again.

Lastly, Rozalin reflected on her actions and said, “Through this series of things, I will look back on myself and act more carefully. I will pay attention to my actions so that recurrence will not happen in the future.”

Sources: daum

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