The 1.55 million won Louis Vuitton hoodie worn by BTS V sold out in all stores around the world, proving the power of “V’s effect”

A Louis Vuitton hoodie worn by BTS V recently became a hot topic as it has been out of stock in all countries where it was sold.

On May 3rd, V posted a video on his Instagram Story. Together with explosive reactions from fans, it is so shocking that the expensive Louis Vuitton hoodie he wore in the video immediately sold out in all online stores. 

V received enthusiastic responses from fans as he appeared with a bare face, short hair, and a gray hoodie in the Story. Due to the high interest in V’s video, the server of Instagram was down due to a rush of connections. That video recorded 1.5 million views in just one to two minutes, proving his huge popularity.

Fans’ explosive responses to the video also led to people’s interest in V’s outfit. The Louis Vuitton’s NEON WORKING MAN HOODIE worn by V in that video sold out in all global stores on Louis Vuitton’s official website despite its expensive price of 1.55 million won.


Among the 34 global stores on the official website of Louis Vuitton, this product appeared in 27 countries, including Korea, the U.S, France and Italy. Immediately after V posted, all sizes of that hoodie were out of stock in all stores around the world, showing off his power as “the sold-out King” with his influence as a House Ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

Since 2018, even before BTS became Louis Vuitton’s House Ambassador, V has been called “Louis Vuitton’s Sold-out Icon” after his “friendship bracelet” Silver Locket also sold out. V appeared in a sporty tailored jacket worth 6.45 million won at BTS’s first official collaboration show with Louis Vuitton – “2021 F/W in SEOUL Men’s Fashion Show” after being welcomed as the new House Ambassador. The jacket was out of stock as soon as the show ended, surprising Louis Vuitton.


Since then, products worn by V, such as the 4.4 million won Belt Damier Jacket during his visit to New York MET as a U.N envoy, the coat worth 4.9 million won worn at the airport, the Craig Green’s wool knit hat used at the concert, and the hoodie on V Live broadcasts, all sold out.


Recently, the social media company Auditor’s Speakrj announced that the estimated cost of posts with sponsorship on V‘s Instagram account as of May 2nd was up to 784,000 USD (about 993 million won), certifying V as the best brand value in the world.

V proved his reputation by selling out expensive products in stores around the world in a blink of an eye through his Instagram. Therefore, the announcement of Speakrj has become a fact widely believed by the public.

Expectations are high on more economic value and influence that V, the best brand value in the world, will create. 


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