Why is the 4th generation said to be unable to create legendary idols like their seniors?

Many netizens said that they gradually lost interest in K-pop after the 4th generation idols debuted and took over the market.

Recently, K-pop has continuously welcomed new 4th generation idols. They are considered to have outstanding talent as well as attractive beauty. However, Gen 4 idols are underestimated compared to their seniors despite the careful investment in music and visual.

In the 4th generation, groups are always carefully invested by the entertainment company in terms of storyline, MV and concept. For example, aespa is associated with the virtual world of Kwangya, LE SSERAFIM’s concept is related to content from the webtoon series Crimson Heart, and TREASURE has the image of the universe – 12 asteroids representing 12 members. In addition, some groups have names that make it difficult for the audience to remember such as LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, ENHYPEN or Kep1er, ATEEZ.

HYBE prepared webtoon Crimson Heart right before LE SSERAFIM debut
aespa has a novel concept that is the virtual world of Kwangya.
Le Sserafim
TREASURE has the concept of “12 planets”.
Many groups have names that make netizens don’t know how to read them correctly.

In addition, the stage of Gen 4 idols is invested in a monumental way. However, it is a pity that many groups just sing and dance as if they have a ready-made script, without interacting with the audience and the colleagues sitting below. Even when sitting next to each other at the award ceremony stands, Gen 4 idols are not interested in interacting and reacting to performances like their seniors did before.

ITZY’s epic stage at MAMA 2021.
stray kids
Stray Kids had a legendary stage on the show Kingdom.
aespa got a chance to perform at Coachella even though they made a debut not too long ago
Despite the explosive performances, Gen 4 idols have no interest in reacting to them

Another reason is that the debut age of idols is quite young. In particular, the majority of female idols debut between the ages of 15 and 17. This leads to limitations in choreography, costume design, makeup, and concept selection.

The IVE members are beautiful and have great bodies, but their concepts are limited because many members are under 18 years old.
The group formed from the survival show My Teenage Girl – CLASS:y also has many underage members.

In addition, the fact that many Gen 4 idols are constantly entangled in controversies such as being accused of being a bully, having a bad attitude, etc., disappointed the audience. Some names can be mentioned such as IVE, NingNing and Gisella (aespa), Lia (ITZY), Hyunjin (Stray Kids), Soojin ((G)-IDLE), Garam (LE SSERAFIM). At the same time, Gen 4 idols are also relying heavily on social networks like TikTok and Instagram to communicate with their fans.

Many Gen 4 idols are entangled in big controversies.
Due to the epidemic, idols have to communicate with fans through social networks and livestreaming platforms instead of holding concerts or fanmeetings.

Currently, many talented and beautiful Gen 4 idols have debuted. However, fans think that they need to make more efforts and make a stronger impression on the public to continue the success of the seniors.


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