MAMAMOO’s Hwasa hilariously counters “personality controversy” with her wit (ft. Jo In Sung)

“I’m not doing any more interviews”, said Hwasa. 

On MAMAMOO‘s official YouTube channel, a video titled “MAMAMOO’s always peaceful and noisy waiting room” was recently uploaded.

In the video, Hwasa suggested a ‘TMI Talk’ to Wheein in the waiting room. Wheein shouted, “I’m sick and tired of Hwasa’s suggestion.”

Mamamoo Hwasa

Recalling an interview on a recent program, Hwasa said adamantly, “We had a heated talk. Due to the aftereffects of the interview, I’m not doing any more interviews.”

Hearing this, Wheein said, “They’re refusing interviews until the end of this promotion. What do you think of this controversy over your personality?”

Mamamoo Hwasa

Hwasa then made a pun with the word “personality” (in-sung in Korean) by wittily responding, “I really like Jo In Sung.” To this, Wheein said, “What’s wrong with you?”

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO recently released their 12th mini album ‘MIC ON’ and received much love for their title track ‘ILLELLA’.

Source: naver

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