Regarding an idol who didn’t bow in Korean style, Chinese netizens said: “Korea is our vassal state”

Amid controversy over Wang Yi-ren, a Chinese member of girl group Everglow, doing a Chinese greeting at a Korean fan signing event, Chinese netizens are reportedly disparaging Korea. 

On Jan 9th, many Korean media outlets have reportedly posted critical articles about Yiren’s Chinese greetings. Earlier, Yiren, a Chinese member of the girl group Everglow, was criticized due to her action at a fan signing event to commemorate the release of Everglow’s third mini-album on the 2nd.

Unlike the Korean members who bowed to their fans at the time, Chinese member Yiren stood up without bowing while clapping and insisted on a Chinese-style greeting by using one hand to cover the other hand.

As a result, domestic netizens expressed their discomfort in her choice of sticking to the Chinese style without greeting in Korean style while she is working in Korea. There are even extreme claims among netizens that demand the agency to “kick out the Chinese idols.”

According to a media outlet, “The act of kneeling in traditional Chinese culture is an expression of loyalty and respect.” The media also reported that forcing a bow on someone is to humiliate a person, and that “there are many people who avoid it because of these cultural differences.” Chinese netizens are furious at this and begin disparaging Korean culture.

Many netizens said, “Korea was once a subordinate country to China,” adding, “They are calling themselves our subordinate country, and it was the right response for Wang Yi-ren to not kneel in front of the Koreans.”

Another netizen said, “Korea has long been a vassal state of China, and China has been the father empire of Korea, so it is natural for Korea to bend its knees to their higher-ups.”

They also sarcastically said, “Korea has settled this action the name of traditional etiquette because it has been natural for them after kneeling for a long time.”

In addition, comments such as “Then why don’t you ask the U.S. military to kneel down?” and “Does it make sense for Chinese to kneel down in Korea?” appear the most.

Meanwhile, the controversy over the greeting bow has been at the top of China’s largest portal site, Baidu, for a week since its first report on Jan 2nd. As of 2 p.m. on Jan 9th, the number of related searches recorded more than 3.55 million.


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