Korean beauties wearing “hidden pants” fashion in the drama: Park Min Young is gorgeous and sexy even without revealing clothes

No need for a fancy dress, just a shirt covering the pants is enough to make these Korean drama beauties look extremely attractive.

There is a very familiar motif in Korean dramas, in which the girl accidentally has to spend the night at her lover/crush’s house and he lends her a very big and long white shirt to wear. Thanks to these circumstances many Korean beauties have had the opportunity to wear the “boyfriend shirt” fashion, looking as if they are only wearing a shirt without any pants on. This makes them look very sexy but still discreet, especially since their slim and long legs are also shown off thoroughly.

1. Park Min Young

The most “successful” beauty with this fashion is Park Min Young in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”. Just a baggy white shirt that shows off her long slim legs is enough to make the audience fall for her beauty and charm.

2. Oh Yeon Seo

Equally successful as Park Min Young is Oh Yeon Seo in the drama “Please Come Back Mister”. In the drama, she showed off her top-notch legs with a white shirt and a pair of very outstanding high heels.

Oh Yeon Seo
Oh Yeon Seo
She even made impressive poses.

3. Shin Min Ah

Not only wearing a shirt covering her pants, but Shin Min Ah also posed both in a sexy and lovely way to tease the actor So Ji Sub in “Oh My Venus”. However, unlike the above, this is not a borrowed shirt and it doesn’t seem to do a good job of highlighting her sexiness, judging from the male lead’s expression.

4. Han Ga In

Timider than the three beauties mentioned above, Han Ga In in “Bad Guy” is not very comfortable with this fashion because her pants are too short. However, her long slim legs still make the scene hotter than ever.

han ga in
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