A star who even met CEO Lee Soo-man in person but still refused SM casting offer

Clara has now established herself as a top star in China. Her popularity peaked last year and she even ranked No.1 in the rankings of all Chinese celebrities.

Looking back on the past story, Clara actually didn’t want to become a celebrity at first. She was the person who received the business card from SM’s casting director at a KPOP event when she was still living in the U.S.


Appearing on “Strong Heart”, she revealed that she was also given the business card directly from JYP and participated in several interviews. In addition, before signing the contract, Clara said she met Chairman Lee Soo-man in person and was even allowed to visit SM’s recording studio.


However, her decision to sign with SM was unfortunately canceled due to the fierce objection from her father, who used to do music activities as a member of a band called “Koreana”. It was the time when Girls’ Generation was being prepared. Therefore, she felt regret that if she had signed the contract at that time, she would have been able to debut as a member of Girls’ Generation.


Clara is truly a talented celebrity. Born with tremendous talents thanks to her father, she grew up traveling back and forth between various countries, such as Switzerland and the U.S. Therefore, this helped her gain the best adaptability with life abroad.


Clara, who is now a global star, sometimes makes people even question, “What would have happened if she had not become a celebrity?”


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