3 Korean drama couples whose interactions in real life are sweeter than on screen

They have such sweet interactions that they even got into dating rumors

1. Song Hye Kyo – Jang Ki Yong

Now We Are Breaking Up” is known as a melodrama, yet the couple Song Hye KyoJang Ki Yong does not have many love moments in the film. Throughout the 16 episodes, the pair struggled in the “breakup” scene. In exchange, this couple is exceptionally close behind the scenes. They frequently chuckle and make intimate gestures to one another. Even Song Hye Kyo‘s supporters must admit that it’s so rare to see her so cheerful backstage.

2. Han So Hee – Song Kang

The “Nevertheless” couple has a lot of bed scenes, kissing scenes in the drama, but that’s nothing compared to their sweet interactions behind the scenes.  Perhaps because they are the same age, the two easily become close.  They have sweet interactions off-screen as if they were a newlywed couple.  Their chemistry even caused the couple to be entangled in dating rumors.

3. Song Joong Ki – Jeon Yeo Bin

Because “Vincenzo” is not a melodrama, Song Joong Ki’ and Jeon Yeo Bin’s characters have little opportunity to flirt with each other in the drama. However, the couple was so amorous behind the scenes that they were even rumored to be dating. After “Vincenzo”, the couple continued to enthrall the audience by publicly supporting each other’s new projects and having sweet interaction when they had the chance to meet again at big events.


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