“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Jin Kyung steps down from her candidacy for the Minister of Justice to be a good mother to her son

Jin Kyung was seen keeping her promise to Woo Young-woo and stepping down from her position in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 16.

In the last episode of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which aired on August 18th, Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) persuaded Tae Soo-mi (Jin Kyung) to allow Sang-hyun to testify in court. 

Choi Sang-hyun told his mother Tae Soo-mi that he was the one who hacked Raon. Tae Soo-mi said, “I’m glad you told me the truth. But from now on, you can’t tell anyone. I’ll take care of everything”, reassuring her anxious son.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Choi Sang-hyun asked, “Will you go to the police with me?”. Tae Soo-mi got frustrated because her son kept bringing up the police. Choi Sang-hyun said, “I’m very scared and in agony. If getting punished will make this situation any better, I’ll take it. I did it”, confessing his crime and worries.

Tae Soo-mi then emphasized the fact that she was right ahead of her justice minister confirmation hearing. Disappointed by his mom’s words, Choi Sang-hyun said, “Are you afraid you might not become Minister because of me?”. Tae Soo-mi said, “Yes” and nagged her son for blocking her way. Choi Sang-hyun asked back, “Have you only been good all your life?”, and then shocked Tae Soo-mi when he mentioned Woo Young-woo.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Later, Choi Sang-hyun came to see Woo Young-woo. He handed her the video of him confessing his crime and asked her to use it as evidence during the trial. He asked Woo Young-woo, “What kind of person do you think Mom is?”. Referring to chaebols who are escaping from the law after committing crimes, he said, “My mom was different. If I did something wrong, she scolded me. But now that something big like this has happened, she’s acting like those foul rich people you see on news.”

Hanbada team showed Choi Sang-hyun’s video in court but was not accepted by the judge because “there is no credibility in the testimony and cross-examination with the witness cannot be done”. Tae Soo-mi tried to stop her son from testifying in court so Han Sun-young (Baek Ji-won) decided to spread the video on the Internet. 

Woo Young-woo came to meet Tae Soo-mi before the confirmation hearing. Woo Young-woo said, “Please help so that Sang-hyun can testify in court about what he did”, adding “Sang-hyun believes that you’re a good mom who scolds her child properly and gives him reasonable punishment when he does something wrong. Don’t betray your child’s belief that his mother is a good person just for your own benefit”. She continued, “You weren’t a good mother to be but at least, please be a good mother to Sang-hyun”.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Woo Young-woo’s sincerity worked. Tae Soo-mi allowed Choi Sang-hyun to testify in court and asked Woo Young-woo to take charge of the cross-examination. She attended the trial to watch her son testify. Coming out of court, she apologized for her son’s crime and declared, “Today, I am stepping down from my candidacy for the Minister of Justice”. She kept her promise with Woo Young-woo to be a good mother to her son.

Source: Daum

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