This female Kpop idol is talented and gorgeous… but all her K-dramas flopped?

Despite being excellent at acting, this female Kpop idol still hasn’t scored any successful work.

In recent years, SNSD Seohyun has gained a decent amount of attention via her new K-drama “Jinxed At First”. This is the idol-actress’ 2nd acting project within the year, where she proves her versatility via contrasting images. In particular, her previous work, the movie “Love and Leashes”, showed a more mature and seductive side of Seohyun, while “Jinxed At Firstpainted her as a naive princess. 

lobe and leash
Love and Leashes
Jinxed At First 

However, despite Seohyun’s brilliant portrayals and contrasting images, both of her 2022 acting projects can’t be considered as successes. In particular, “Love And Leashes” focuses on a rather non-mainstream topic and boasts a bland plot, while “Jinxed At First” saw ratings lowering over time. The series, which debuted with a viewership of 3.9%, has dropped to 3.3% in episode 12, and even plummeted to 2.6% in another episode.

And these are not the first time Seohyun starred in low-rating works either, as one of her previous work, “Private Lives”, where she also co-starred with actor Go Kyung Pyo, reported extremely low viewership, at 1.5%. Another K-drama of Seo Hyun, “Time”, where she starred alongside Kim Jung Hyun, also recorded ratings as low á 2-4%. In fact, “Time” is more well-known for Kim Jung Hyun’s “attitude controversy” instead of its quality. So far, the only successful work where Seohyun played a major character is “Bad Thief, Good Thief”, with ratings around 7-10% – a fairly normal amount for a weekend drama that is aired on a public channel. 

Private Lives
Seohyun and Kim Jung Hyun
Bad Thief, Good Thief

Despite debuting as a Kpop idol, Seohyun has proven immense talents as an actress. From her visuals, acting, to versatility, the idol-actress’ abilities are undoubtable. However, she still requires a big breakthrough, perhaps with a more interesting script and a match co-star. 

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