A gay Taiwanese male star under fire for allegedly leaving sexually harassing comments towards TXT members 

Netizens and TXT’s fans are in shock and angered by the inappropriate comments assumed to be made by this Taiwanese singer-actor. 

Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan, a former member of boy band Fahrenheit, is under criticism after a Facebook account with a verified blue badge of his name was seen making inappropriate comments below a photo of K-pop boy group TXT on Facebook. 

Specifically, in the photo, TXT members standing from left to right are: Taehyun – Soobin – Huening Kai – Yeonjun – Beomgyu. In the comments, the verified Facebook account with Aaron Yan’s name wrote: “I want to take off the pants of the one standing in the middle (Huening Kai)…”.

TXT Huening Kai-Aaron Yan
The verified account of Aaron Yan commented: “I want to take off the pants of the one standing in the middle (Huening Kai)…”.

When asked by a netizen: “Are you using the wrong account?”, the account replied: “Just a desire, I’m not using anybody else’s account (not a fake account)”.

When another netizen asked: “You want to do what to Huening Kai?”, the account even replied, “Or should I switch to the one on the right (Yeonjun)?”.

Currently, it has not been confirmed whether this is the real Facebook account of Aaron Yan or not. But whoever it is behind the account, netizens agree that these comments are sexual harassment towards young male idols who became adults not long ago (Huening Kai was born in 2002, Yeonjun was born in 1999).

Aaron Yan was born in 1985. He is an ex-member of Fahrenheit, the popular Taiwanese boy band throughout Asia more than 10 years ago.

At the end of 2018, he was outed as gay and accused of cheating and dating 3 men at the same time by his ex-boyfriend. This scandal has seriously tainted Aaron Yan’s image. If these sexually harassing comments aimed at TXT were indeed made by him, this would be the last straw for Aaron Yan. It’s impossible to justify such public harassment from a popular celebrity. 

Netizens’ reactions:

– No matter what your sexual orientation is, the most basic thing is to respect other people’s bodies. If you can’t, you deserve to lose respect.

– Sexual harassment is not an admissible act. I remember he also harassed a certain groupmate last time, but the fans were so defensive at that time, so the matter went downhill.

– Desire what? Is this public sexual harassment? Huening Kai is still young and not yet mature enough in Korea.

– Please say your account was hacked, because if it was really you, you’re over 

– I don’t know what to say. How can an Asian star behave like this? Every TXT member is so young they could be his kids 


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