Beating Apink and Girls’ Generation, BLACKPINK topped the Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking again in March 2022

The Brand Reputation Ranking for girl groups in March 2022 has recently been announced, drawing attention.

According to a report released by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation on March 13th, BLACKPINK ranked No.1 in the March Girl Group Brand Reputation Chart. It was followed by Apink in 2nd place, Girls’ Generation in 3rd place, TWICE in 4th place and Red Velvet in 5th place.

This result is based on the analysis of 45,909,874 girl group big data in a month from February 13th to March 13th as well as consumers’ participation, media, communication, and community indexes.

BLACKPINK recorded a brand reputation score of 4,152,893, drawing keen attention as it surpassed No.2 Apink ( 3,901,1932) and No.3 Girls’ Generation (3,390,267) by narrow gaps. 


BLACKPINK impressed everyone by topping the list although this month’s index fell 15.49% compared to that of February (4,913,943). In addition, the girl group also surprised all KPOP fans by dominating the No.1 spot for 8 consecutive months since August last year. 

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation explained, “High-ranking words related to BLACKPINK were ‘release’, ‘fully recover’, and ‘be selected’. Meanwhile, their highest-ranking keywords were ‘overseas schedule’, ‘fashion’, and ‘model’”, adding, “The girl group recorded a positive ratio of 67.89% in the positive-negative response analysis”.


Girl groups in the TOP 30 of the March Brand Reputation Ranking are BLACKPINK, Apink, Girls’ Generation, TWICE, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, aespa, StayC, MAMAMOO, IVE, fromis_9, WJSN, April, LOONA, Girl’s Day, Kep1er, Brave Girls, Cignature, Rocket Punch, MOMOLAND, EXID, CAMILA, ITZY, DIA, Dreamcatcher, Laboum, Ladies’ Code, f(x), Weeekly, and CLC.

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